VPD250Full Automatic Four Side Seal Wet Wipes Packing

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Product Selective configuration

VPD250 works stably and continuously, and is suitable for all kinds of four side sealing products such as wet wipes, alcohol pad/cosmetic cotton.
Our new VPD250 Wet Wipes Packing Machine updates new machine program and configuration. It adopts Japanese Yaskawa servo motor, the speed can reach 110-150 bags/min, which is more productive and stable. The machine has two speeds, the new one is 110-150 bags/min, the normal one is 80-110 bags/min.

Product Characteristics

1. Material: The machine uses 304, 316 stainless steel and PU materials for liquid contact.
2. The machine runs stably and is suitable for all kinds of lens wipes/makeup remover wipes/alcohol pads and other four-side sealing wipes.
3. The packaging film is folded in half and heat-sealed into a bag, photoelectric correction.
4. Non-woven fabrics can be folded according to different types. Up to 10 vertical folds and 4 horizontal folds, which can be freely folded by unfolding the width and length of the non-woven fabric.
5. Perform two heat seals, to avoid liquid leakage.
6. The machine is easy to operate, and the packaging temperature and speed can be adjusted according to the packaging material, product thickness and length. Through the control of light, electricity and gas, the fault can be self-diagnosed, and the language of the operating system can be Spanish, French, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Arabic and other local languages.
7. Stacking counting can be carried out according to customer requirements.
8. Free switching between single and double packages of products.

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Product Sample

Technical Parameter


VPD 250

Packing Form

horizontal four side sealing

Packing Material


Inner Material

30-80g/m2 air laid paper, nonwoven, spun lace nonwoven fabric etc

Packing Size

L: 40-140 MM, W: 40-110 MM

Packing Speed

110-150 BAGS/MIN

Folding Way

max 10 folding vertical and 4 folding horizontal

Liquid Adding Range

0-5 ML(according to volume)

Power Supply

single phase-two wire 220 V 50/60 HZ

Total Power

8.8 KW

Air Supply

air pressure 0.6-1.0 MPA, air consumption 300-500 L/MIN

Machine Noise

≤80 db(a)

Overall Dimension

2800*2800*1800 MM



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